University work

If you’re curious about university work, I can’t upload it here. You can contact me regarding this below.

Year 5

Year 4

VR for Social Anxiety
This project was the subject of my dissertation for the Bachelors’ year of my degree. Below you can watch a video that explains the basic concept for the system I developed. The app serves to treat social anxiety using a virtual reality platform that simulates potentially triggering social situations.

The following video was intended for use as a user evaluation video, so feedback via the survey is no longer required or regarded.

The app was created using the Unity engine which utilises C#.


In 2020 I was approached by BoundFitness to put together a website for their new online platform. The site features a full user login system complete with online booking, purchasing and paid subscriptions.


ieeeaitests.com preview

In 2019 I updated the website for IEEE’s conference for AI Testing. Check it out.

Portfolio manager

As part of my internship with Baillie Gifford, I teamed up with another intern to make a web app that simulates buying and selling shares in different portfolios. The app was built using React.

Item catalogue

I developed a simple stock taking app for RL engineering. No more messy spreadsheets! The app was built using JavaScript, running natively using electron.

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