RL Engineering Item Catalogue

What is it?

A spokesperson from RL Engineering approached me explaining they had a huge stockroom that was managed by a spreadsheet. Every time an employee withdrew or deposited an item, the spreadsheet would get clogged up with details of each transaction.
I was tasked with creating an app to manage this problem and smooth out the transactions when utilising things from the stockroom.

How did you make it?

The app was made using basic web technologies – HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The code was packaged using electron in order to function as a standalone app, that can run in windows as required. The database is built simply using JSON. There are databases to store all of the items and all of the withdrawal logs, so users can see who has withdrawn what and when.

The catalogue

The app keeps track of every item in the stock room, including ones that are currently out of stock. You can search through the catalogue using the search bar at the top.

Depositing items

When depositing an item, you only need to specify the name and quantity of the deposit. If the item is present already in the database the quantity will be added on to the existing value, if not then a new entry into the database is created.

Withdrawing an item

Withdrawals are a bit more complicated. When withdrawing the user must provide the app with their initials in order for the log entry to be made. The user’s initials and a timestamp are logged in the system, once 10 entries into the log have been made, the oldest entries are deleted.

Closing notes

This quick job for RL Engineering helped kick off my career as a freelance web developer and kindled my interest in native web apps. Thanks RL Engineering!