What's the website for?

I made this website to showcase my side-projects. In my spare time I like to make games and AIs mostly, but I’ll be uploading whatever takes my interest. You can check out a list of ideas here. Eventually the website will be filled with a large portfolio of my work and can be used as an online CV. I made the website originally as a way of getting to grips with Bootstrap and JavaScript.

What do you do?

I’m currently studying for a Master’s Degree and The University of Strathclyde.  I’m in my final year, so I’m looking for full time work.  I am also the co-founder of the web development firm Katipo Web Development.

I spend a lot of time programming and doing my own projects at home, so I decided I would develop a platform to share them. I play a lot of video games so the website’s content will mostly be in relation to games development, though it could include other things I’m learning. In case you’re here as an employer, I’m currently looking for work in any suitable computer science related field, if you like what you see, hit the hire me button.

Check out my CV!

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